Emerging Advisors Forum

The Emerging Advisors Forum is a dynamic group of planners who meet throughout the year to discuss all things related to starting and running an RIA practice. The group not only provides vibrant networking, but also features speakers who share their insights on topics such as hiring a virtual assistant, working with small businesses, best practices in marketing/sales or compliance for non-SEC registered RIAs. While some topics may be appropriate for newer planners or those just starting, there are many topics that may relate to your practice, such as ‘Evaluating a client’s property and casualty policies’. You can participate in the meetings in person.

The meeting allows people to share ideas and ask questions in an open, casual environment. Please contact project leaders: Jenny Coffey Smith jenny@financialconnections.com or Margery Neis margery_ neis@hotmail.com for specific information on upcoming meetings. You can view our future meeting agendas on the Event Calendar. Speakers, time and dates will be announced and updated one month in advance.

If you’d like to be informed of the Emerging Advisors Forum upcoming meetings and event, please join our Emerging Advisors Forum LinkedIn group by clicking here.