Advocacy Committee



Committee Purpose:

FPA Advocacy seeks to advance and protect the Financial Planning profession by proactively building relationships with elected officials while offering ourselves as a resource to inform and educate. These policymakers vote on issues that impact our profession and CFP® Professionals’ ability to effectively serve clients, ultimately impacting the accessibility of quality financial planning that their constituents receive.

Upcoming Events:

a. Local Advocacy Week is in September when we meet with our respective senators and assembly members.
b. State Advocacy Day is in March where FPA members from CA come to Sacramento to meet with their respective elected officials.
c. FPA Advocacy Day in June is an opportunity for FPA members and leaders to gather on The Hill (Washington D.C.) to continue the dialogue with federal policymakers about our profession while displaying FPA’s strength as the association for all CFP® professionals.

Goals for the Year:

FPA Advocacy seeks to advance and protect your profession by proactively seeking out the elected official who vote on issues that affect your profession and your ability to serve clients.

We have Local, State, and National Advocacy opportunities each year. Our goal is to have 100% of FPA of California members participate in Advocacy in at least some capacity!

Please be on the lookout for communication from FPA of SF for ways to get involved, or reach out proactively to the Advocacy Director to learn more!

Interesting Facts:

Advocacy is less daunting than it sounds. We have a training webinar and handout that outlines FPA’s positions, and you’ll always be paired with an experienced Advocate! Everyone who participates finds it highly rewarding, and most volunteers catch the “advocacy bug” – coming back year after year.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Get Involved in at least one of the Advocacy opportunities!