Pro Bono


Sydney Woodward, CFP®

Committee Purpose:

Pro Bono supports FPA’s Core Values by offering workshops on financial literacy and providing financial planning services to the public, focusing on underserved and at-risk communities. Pro Bono financial advice and coaching allows members of the community to experience the true value of objective financial advice in a safe, no-strings attached environment.

Goals for the Year:

Continue to support organizations and events such as Financial Planning Days at the San Francisco Main Public Library and in the branches, Marin Financial Planning Day, Shalom Bayit (domestic violence support), and Job Corps (at risk youth).

Pro Bono planning strengthens the bonds and relationships of our financial planning community by providing opportunities to serve together.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer to provide financial 1:1 coaching or present financial workshops, as needed. Or, join our organizing committees for Financial Planning Days in San Francisco & Marin. Contact Sydney Woodward, CFP® to learn more.

Pro Bono Partner Organizations:

San Francisco Treasurer’s Office of Financial Empowerment – our partner since 2010 for Financial Planning Days in SF.

San Francisco Public Library – our partner since 2014 for Financial Planning Days in SF.

San Francisco Assessor’s Office – partnered for Family Wealth Forum to help the members of the public understand the financial options of owning, maintaining and transferring their home.

Marin Department of Health & Human Service – our partner for Marin Financial Planning Day since 2016.

Aging Action Initiative – our partner for Marin Financial Planning Day since 2016.

Department of Labor – our partner since 2009 helping at-risk youth, ages 16-24, learn basic money management skills.

Shalom Bayit – providing financial coaching for their clients.