Mentorship Program

We have an active mentorship program where we match mentees with FPA member mentors. The mentorship relationship lasts for one year and we provide a ‘best practices’ guideline for working with a mentor and mentee. The Mentoring Program is in the process of matching new and transitioning planners with experienced practitioners. Mentorships help shape the careers of future colleagues, and insure a supportive professional community. Mentees gain from a focused interaction with established planners who provide support and accountability as they work towards their goals.

The program is not only for new planners. Mentorships can be used in other situations. For example, you may be looking to sell or buy a practice. The mentorship committee can seek out a member who has sold or bought a practice and can share their experiences with you. Or you may be looking to grow your firm by adding a partner. The mentorship committee may be able to find someone who has experienced the same situation in their practice, and be able to provide their perspective.

Contact either Thoa Hoang at or Manuel Burkhardt Apolonio at to learn more about the Mentorship Program and to participate.