Thank you to our Gold Sponsors for supporting the FPA of San Francisco. Below is a letter from one Gold Sponsors …………….


Hello FPA colleagues,

In my sponsor’s speaking spot at February’s lunch meeting, I mentioned two matters that might be of interest to members of the SF chapter, and I thought I’d take advantage of this email opportunity to touch on them again…

For many financial planning students, particularly those launching a second career, the landscape of the profession, including academic work in unfamiliar areas, career planning, and the job search itself, appears complex and daunting. A mentor would be an enormous help. So we intend to develop a program that would give every incoming student a mentor, a practitioner who would advise, support, and encourage him or her throughout their GGU degree. I invite you to consider participating in this program. The exact definition of the mentor’s role is still under consideration, but if the general idea intrigues you, please call or email me with an expression of interest. It’s going to be a very exciting undertaking and I’d value your participation.

Second: after many years as Director of the Financial Planning Program at Golden Gate, I’ll be stepping down at the end of this academic year, returning to the full-time faculty. We will be launching a search for a new director in the coming months and I suspect that my successor will be drawn from this FPA group. It’s not yet clear precisely what the assignment will entail or what the specific job requirements will include, but if you have any interest at all in the possibility of being considered for the position, please get in touch with me at your convenience so we can discuss it further.

The FPA has been a valued source of advice and encouragement to the GGU financial planning program for many years, and I look forward to working with you on these new undertakings in the months ahead.


Steve Hawkey

Email: Phone: (415) 442-6584