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Voya Investment Management1

Voya Investment Management (formerly ING Investment Management) is a $214B US based asset manager, with Investment Expertise in Fixed Income, Equity (both fundamental & rules-based), Senior Loans, Private Equity Secondaries, and Global Listed Real Estate Securities. Our Private Wealth & Advisory Team focuses on the larger RIA, Family Office, TAMP and Bank Trust part of the market.  Troy Chakarun, who is San Francisco based and covers the Western Region is our local point of contact.  Troy can be reached at 415-298-8974 or a

The Voya Intermediate Bond Fund (IIBAX/IICIX) utilizes a balanced, Top-Down and Bottom-Up investment process, with Attribution Target Ranges of: 40-60% Broad Sector Allocation, 40-60% Security Selection, Interest Rate/Curve Position 10-20%.  Christine Hurtsellers, CIO of our Fixed Income Platform has now been in her current position over 5 ½ years (she was promoted from our Mortgage Team).  She began her tenure as CIO by adding additional risk control systems and generalists to keep sector bias creep out of the portfolio, which has led to the turnaround of this strategy.  As a result, as of September 30th, 2014 the fund has earned a Five star 3Yr/5Yr Morningstar Ranking and Top Decile Information Ratio rankings since current team inception, and has also been named the number one of the top performers in their respective categories by the Lipper Fund Awards 2014 for the three-year period ending December 31, 2013.  Additionally, we just recently reduced the Expense Ratio of the I-share class to .34 bps (with .15 of revenue share netting .19bps) and also have an R6-share class available for the Retirement Space, which is also priced at .34 bps.  Please Click Here for Additional Information

The Voya Corporate Leaders 100 Fund (IACLX/IICLX) is an S&P 1000 rules based, quantitatively driven strategy.  The fund is designed as an opportunity to invest in a strategy predicated on the idea of creating competitive risk adjusted returns through equal weighting with volatility constraints and no qualitative influence. The strategy has been in place for over ten years, and the mutual fund has been around for over 5 years, the I-share class Expense Ratio for the fund  is 49BPS.  Please Click Here for Additional Information

This is our DCIO Scorecard, which combines Morningstar, fi360, and RPAG data & rankings for our funds.