About the Program:

WealthCare is a one-year program designed to assist EARN Saver alumni create and implement a financial plan.  The alumni do this with the assistance of a FPA volunteer financial planner and an EARN coach.

What do the volunteers do?

FPA volunteer financial planners are asked to provide oversight, attend some meetings, and help on an as-needed basis for the entire year.  Coaches are also volunteers and are often prior WealthCare students.  The coaches are responsible for data gathering, all communication, coordination of meetings, plan creation using FPA software, and implementation.

Who should volunteer?

Relatively experienced FPA financial planners are needed as these WealthCare situations tend to be complex.   Planners work in concert with the client and his/her coach during the first part of the one-year program providing guidance and financial planning expertise.

Meetings, which include the FPA volunteer financial planner, the coach, and the client, are structured as sequential three two-hour meetings in the first three months with a follow up at six months.  Previous FPA volunteer financial planners estimate the time spent at about 20 hours, including all non-meeting preparation and communication time.  Additionally, planners are asked to attend a 3-day coach’s training.  This is helpful even though they are not expected to coach.

WealthCare volunteers practice their leadership skills, make new friends, and get the thrill of helping motivated participants excel!

How to get involved:

For more information about the FPA volunteer financial planner opportunity, please email ben.rose@raymondjames.com


Working in the EARN Wealthcare program has been a great way to hone my communication skills and learn what it takes to develop a solid long-term relationship with a client.  Both the ongoing coaching training and the hands-on sessions with the client pair up beautifully to instill a confidence in delivering the qualitative value of the financial planning process.  It took a few meetings spent getting to know each other and uncovering and discovering how best to work together, and now our sessions flow so well and are amazingly productive.  Each month my client and I connect more deeply with one another. Mary Barros, CFP®



The Wealthcare program is an innovative program to enable EARN alumni to continue developing their personal financial skills in their quest to achieve their life’s goals. As a coach, it has been rewarding to help my client on her path to financial competence and has enabled me to strengthen my coaching and financial planning skills while contributing to an amazing organization. I highly recommend it. Tanya Steinhofer, CFP®